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party in the front logo, gargoyle with star eyes

My name is Luis Melo, I'm a versatile illustrator living in Lisbon. I have 10+ years of experience in the videogame industry, in art and art direction.

I've lived in Shanghai and Québec, having lent a hand in many big franchises and indie projects, through

Spicy Horse studios, Volta Creation, and also through my own freelancing.

I wish I could share more of the industry work, but some NDAs seem to last forever. I hope you enjoy what I have for now in the galleries. I will try to make up for it with new, original, personal work.

This title represents a re-prioritizing, putting the things

I really love doing on top of the list, as I settle for a new round of freelancing,


I hope to fill this space with my obsessions and to have the time to make them blossom into new discoveries in theme and style.

The very best I can give becomes possible when the work flows from a genuine, happy place, so I want to keep it as much as I can as a visual funk party we can all dance to.

mirror, self-portrait as evil warlock, evil queen
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